More teenagers are being Internet users in the digital age. Parents must help their

Internet Guidelines for teenagers

More teenagers are being Internet users in the digital age. Parents must help their children to develop self-discipline, respect others online, and not become victims and perpetrators.

The most important thing is that parents should lead by example, have good ethics and moral standards, and respect intellectual property rights, be a responsible netizen, and be a role model for their children. Here are some tips for cultivating good online habits for your children:

Respect others

Regardless of the real world or the cyber world, people should establish mutual respect and treat each other with courtesy. When publishing comments, people should take into account the feelings of others, whether they will hurt others.

Cultivate the law abiding awareness

Parents should teach their children that they must abide by the law, whether in the real world or in the cyber world. The following are some common misconducts on the Internet for reference:

Seek assistance

If teenagers find some strange, offensive, online bullying and harassing behaviors on the Internet, they should inform their parents or trusted ones about the matter as soon as possible, and call the police for assistance if necessary.

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