Many websites and mobile applications would collect your personal information and preference to provide more personalised experience and services, also for marketing purpose. Do you know how is your preference being collected?

Mobile phone privacy

There are a lot of important information stored in the mobile phone, in which the personal data are often the target of criminals. Therefore, we should pay more attention to protect personal privacy and strengthen the security settings on mobile phones.

Operating system privacy

  • Enable biometric verification

    In the passwordless era, using a single password can no longer protect your device and account. Enabling biometric verification (such as FaceID, fingerprint verification) has become the basic standard.

  • Do not crack the original operating system

    Cracking the original operating system of the mobile device (i.e. Jailbreak) is like opening a back door and allowing hackers to steal data and install malicious program.

  • System update

    Whenever there is an update or patch on the operating system, we should update it as soon as possible to ensure that the system is kept up to date.

  • Clear data remotely

    Once the mobile device is accidentally lost, the data in the device, such as photos, address book, credit card, etc., should be erased remotely to prevent data leakage.

Mobile App Privacy

  • Download only official apps

    Downloading mobile applications from unofficial or unreliable sources may be invaded by malware or viruses.

  • Program access permissions

    When installing an application, you should pay attention on the scope of its privacy collection, especially those involving sensitive data or non-essential access rights, such as the collection of address books, cameras, and locations.

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