In the digital age, adults and teenagers rely on the Internet in their studies and daily life. However, there are many false information

Talking about digital literacy

Talking about digital literacy

The importance of enhancing the next generation of digital literacy

In the digital age, adults and teenagers rely on the Internet in their studies and daily life. However, there are many false information, bad content, and cyber pitfalls hidden in the cyber world. If netizens are careless, they may fall into the traps and become victims, and even fall into lawsuits by mistake. 

To protect our next generation, we are to cultivate their digital literacy, so that they can learn independently, distinguish right from wrong, and achieve the goal of lifelong learning. 

Information literacy

When talking about digital literacy, you are to first understand what “information literacy” is.

Definition of Information Literacy

"Enabling others to effectively select, find and evaluate traditional or online information."

This technique is an effective way of selecting, searching, and evaluating traditional or online information. Traditional information includes libraries, books, newspapers, or magazines, etc., while online information generally refers to those available on the Internet.

The purpose of cultivating information literacy

To enable teenagers to learn independently, distinguish right from wrong, and achieve the goal of lifelong learning.

The government's goals for promoting information literacy:

- Coping with changes in the cyber world

- Avoid unethical behavior such as cyber bullying and infringement of property rights

What is digital literacy?

Computer literacy

The ability to complete work by using computer


Network literacy

The ability to effectively use technology and find accurate and reliable resources online


Media literacy


Technology literacy


Internet literacy

The ability to contact, understand, comment and generate information online


Social media literacy


Internet literacy

The ability to identify bad and harmful content, protect privacy and safety, and communicate appropriately


In fact, digital literacy and information literacy are closely related, and they are inseparable from each other.

5 areas for measuring digital literacy

Digital information and data literacy

  • The ability to collect, evaluate and manage data and digital content

Communication and collaboration skills

  • The ability to interact, share and collaborate through technology, participate in civic activities, and manage your digital citizenship in accordance with rules in the cyber world

Ability to create digital contents

  • The capability to integrate or expand existing digital contents, programming skills and knowledge of intellectual property

Problem-solving ability

  • The ability to solve technical problems, the creativity in using digital technology, and identify the gap between recognition technology and the existing digital capabilities

Digital security

  • Awareness and ability to protect equipment, privacy, network well-being and network environment

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