Online Child Sexual Grooming means that sex offenders use the Internet to systematically deploy methods for sexual

Online Child Sexual Grooming

What is “Online Child Sexual Grooming”?

Online Child Sexual Grooming means that sex offenders use the Internet to systematically deploy methods for sexual exploitation of children. The core is that sex offenders build trust with the children, with the intent to sexually assault them, and intimidate them to remain silent.

Common methods

Sex offenders usually get to know children through communication tools, social platforms, or mobile games. In order to reduce the guardianship of the other party, sex offenders often establish false identities and follow their preferences, thereby establishing relationships or human bonding with children. After gaining the child’s trust, the sex offender may engage in erotic dialogue with the child or induce the other party to provide body photos. If the child agrees, the sex offender may make more demands on the child, such as asking him to take pictures of his or her private parts; if the child refuses, the sex offender may use a dialogue between the two or the photo provided by the child to intimidate them.

Some online sexual grooming activities will extend to the offline world. Sex offenders will use different excuses to meet with children and commit sexual assaults. Some offenders will even take videos as tools for intimidation during the process to establish a longer sexual relationship with the children and cause far-reaching and indelible harm to the victim.

Regulation by law

The current criminal law in Hong Kong do not specifically rule the act of enticing children. In view of such, the Law Reform Commission has issued a report on review of substantive sexual offences earlier on, which is about reforming the elements of Cap.200 Criminal Offences Ordinance regarding sexual crimes with a total of 70 recommendations. With regard to sexual offences involving children and people with mental impairment”, the group recommends the establishment of a series of sexual offenses, including sexually inducing children and a law against sexually inducing children for sexual purposes, in order to protect children and prevent pedophiles to lure them through using mobile phones or the Internet with the intent of sexually assaulting them.


過去一年多,因應疫情、社交距離措施及停課安排,很多兒童及青少年都依賴互聯網與他人保特溝通。 保護兒童免受網絡性罪行威脅…

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