Scammers usually meet their victims on social media platforms. Claiming to offer compensated dating or sexual services, they ask to go on dates with the victims.

What is compensated dating scam?

Scammers usually meet their victims on social media platforms. Claiming to offer compensated dating or sexual services, they ask to go on dates with the victims. However, before they meet, scammers ask the victims to buy game point cards or bitcoin as deposit for their service. They disappear without a trace afterwards.

1. Posing as young girls looking for target

Scammers posing as young girls and look for targets (mostly male) on social platforms, dating apps or compensated dating websites. They seek personal information during chat in order to search the victim’s social network. The scammers claim that they will provide compensated dating or “part-time girlfriend” services, or purported in need of money, to lure the victim’s procurement of services or provision of assistance.

2. Request to buy point cards/ gift cards/ virtual assets

Scammers request the victims to buy game point cards, gift cards, or virtual assets (e.g. Bitcoins) as service deposit before dating out. Upon recipient of payment, the “young girls” will not show up. Scammers also contact the victims, posing as “agents” of the “young girls”, and ask for payment.

3. Further blackmail

While scammers ask the victims for paying service deposit, they already have a grasp of their personal and social network information. In case the victims refuse to pay, scammers will blackmail the victims otherwise they will harm the victims or the victims’ families. The victims often follow for the sake of personal safety and end up suffering a huge financial loss.

Anti-scam advice

Confirm the identity when you meet new friends on the internet.

Do not participate in any compensated dating activities, pay any deposit or give your personal information to strangers.

Call the police for assistance when you receive any threats or blackmail

When in doubt, call ‘Anti-scam Helpline 18222

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