In late 2022, a virtual private network service provider published a list of the most commonly used passwords, “password” topped the list, which took very little time to be cracked.

Is your password strong enough?

It takes about
cracking your password with an ordinary desktop computer

Most Common Passwords!

In late 2022, a virtual private network service provider published a list of the most commonly used passwords, “password” topped the list, which took very little time to be cracked.

Top 20 most common passwords:

1. password11. 1234567
2.12345612. 1234
3. 12345678913. 1234567890
4. guest14. 000000
5. qwerty15. 555555
6. 1234567816. 666666
7. 11111117. 123321
8. 1234518. 654321
9. col12345619. 7777777
10. 12312320.123

Test your passwords!

As biometric authentication technology using fingerprints, face, voice and iris to authenticate one’s identity is gradually and broadly applied in our daily life, we are now in the passwordless era.

However, have you counted the number of passwords you still have to remember? You may still have to enter passwords for ATM withdrawal, using phone banking, logging into email account and cloud drive, gaining access to buildings, etc.  Easy-to-remember password combinations such as birthdays, phone numbers, names, etc. can easily be cracked by criminals.  Once your password is compromised, not only will you suffer monetary loss, but also your account may be hacked for illegal purposes.

Has your account been hacked?

For years, data breaches happened in a number of local and overseas enterprises due to cyberattacks or accidents.  Client information including account names, passwords, credit cards, email addresses, etc. was leaked.  The enterprises involved range from airline companies, telecommunications companies, online shops, online games, email service providers, video platforms to social media.

Troy Hunt, an expert in cyber security in Australia, set up a website “Have I Been Pwned” in 2013 for netizens to check whether their account information had been compromised.  If there was a data breach, a warning message would appear.

If your email address has been compromised, you should change the password immediately.  Also, you should consider enabling multi-factor authentication, if available, to better protect your account.

Apart from email addresses, you can also check whether your passwords have been hacked on the website. If a warning message appears, it means that the password has appeared in a data breach and should not be used.

Secure Password Tips

Tips for setting a password


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