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Download "Scameter+" Android Application Package (APK) File

It is recommended to install the “Scameter+” App from Google Play or Huawei AppGallery. Download “Scameter+” APK file to install “Scameter+” App only when Google Play and Huawei AppGallery cannot be accessed. Some functions of “Scameter+” may be affected should you download it via APK file.

“CyberDefender” website (this website) is the solely authorised channel to download “Scameter+” APK file to install “Scamter+” App. To protect your interests, please do not download “Scameter+” APK file from other channels to install “Scameter+” App.


The one-stop scam and pitfall search engine, Scameter, helps the public identify frauds and online pitfalls. When the public encounters suspicious calls, online sellers, friend requests, job ads, investment websites, etc., they can enter the platform account name or number, payment account, phone number, email address, URL, etc. to assess the risk of fraud and cyber security.

Scameter+  –  the mobile application of Scameter is out now! The app features the following functions:

1) Call Alert
This feature automatically compares incoming calls against records in the latest scam database. Real-time alerts will be issued if potential scam or cyber security risks are detected. Notwithstanding, you can answer the call or not.
2) Website Detection
This feature automatically compares the websites you visit against records in the latest scam database. If potential scam or cyber security risks are detected, real-time notifications will be issued advising you not to visit the websites concerned.
3) Public Intelligence
Whenever you come across suspicious websites or phone numbers, share them instantly through this feature. The information you provide might be added to the scam database after our analysis, and accessible to all users. This collective effort aims to reduce the risk of scams for everyone.

Supporting Organizations

Chinese version only

Chinese version only

The search results of Scameter will be indicated in different colors

Scameter_animation_highrisk_eng2 copy

Red represents “High risk”

The input information is related to scam report, or high cyber security risk

Scameter_animation_Possible Risk_eng2 copy

Orange represents “Possible risk”

Similar fraud report information is matched, or medium high cyber security risk

Scameter_animation_Potential Risk_eng2

Yellow represents “Potential risk”

Possible risk, you still need to stay vigilant

Scameter_animation_No Record_eng2 copy

Purple means “No record”

No report, but doesn’t mean risk free. You shall stay alert at all times

Besides different color warnings, the search results of Scameter or Scameter+ will also provide fraud prevention tips, e.g. verifying the identity of the other party before making transactions or remittances, exercising caution when providing sensitive information, not opening suspicious links or attachments, and paying attention to local calls with the prefix +852, etc. The data and rating of the Scameter series come from various sources, including public reports to the police, information provided by organizations (e.g.,Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre), suspicious phone number database(HKJunkCall), as well as the database and real-time analysis from information security companies.

The information that can be searched only includes information about the tools or platforms that may be used by fraudsters to commit crimes, and does not include any identification documents, real names, addresses, etc. The information in the Scameter series will not be kept longer than the limits specified in the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

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